home_2Shaping Communities Ltd, and Lead Associate with the Planning Your Neighbourhood initiative (PYN), offers tailored consultancy support for communities, Parish and Town Councils, bringing together residents and community stakeholders, including developers, land owners and Housing Associations where required through consultation and engagement training and facilitation to maximise local opportunities.

“Sue has redirected the energy produced by conflict into a force for cooperation, compromise and progress”.
John Parker, Co-ordinator Yardley Gobion Neighbourhood Plan Steering group


With a focus on Neighbourhood Planning, our hands-on approach to engaging the wider community in discussion and consultation benefits a range of outcomes, including milder options, to shape a community through different forms of community-led planning that meets local need.
As Director, Sue was previously contracted by National CPRE, The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, to work as a member of their Advisory Board providing consultation and engagement support for Parish and Town councils up and down the country looking to develop a Neighbourhood Plan under the government-led programme “Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning” (SCNP).

We all found you to be so helpful, easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable. We started this process with no idea how to proceed and you were the one who showed us how and where to begin. The workshops were so useful, with your help we managed to get our questionnaire to the final stages in an ordered manner and it made this process so much easier.
Ashcott Parish Council, Taunton

Sue now works closely with planning experts under the PYN initiative to deliver an holistic package of support for any community exploring the benefits of a Neighbourhood Plan. For more information  visit: www.planningyourneighbourhood.co.uk

Sue recognises the different and often complex challenges placed on communities in the context of local planning, having supported a wide range of communities from small rural parishes to large towns and offers a comprehensive menu of consultation and engagement support.

Working alongside experienced town planners, Sue prides herself on flexibility, experience and expertise to ensure that communities achieve their goals.

Sue provided invaluable leadership and support to our Neighbourhood Plan communications and engagement programme, particularly on the organisation, delivery and facilitation of a successful workshop which brought together landowners, developers, residents and local authority representatives. The outcome of the workshop was consensus on many issues and a realistic way forward for the draft Neighbourhood Plan.
Faversham Town Council, Kent



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